1. mylifeisonlyhuman:

    John Mark McMillan - Heart Runs


  2. thesecondbestblog:

    You fill the hollows of the halls
    In the houses where I walk
    You’re hanging pictures on the walls
    In the houses where I haunt

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  3. jamsoftheday:

    Bit by bit, gonna get my bricks out in the sticks
    Bit by bit, gonna build my house in the wildest thickets


  4. jumpinafterme:

    Bombay Bicycle Club// Cancel On Me



  6. lostforaurl:

    Yo La Tengo - I Feel Like Going Home

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  7. equilibriumwarden:

    Like limbs in procession, like so many birds. Stampeding like oxen, our hearts are a herd.


  8. bowlcollectingblood:

    Birth in Reverse | St. Vincent

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  9. She tried to tell me that I had a right to scream

    Just like a bird has to sing

    And I believed her, but, in truth, if you’re convincing

    I’ll believe anything

    I only speak when I’m feeling sad and lonely

    But what I speak doesn’t have to do with being sad and lonely

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  10. it’s almost time for camp! when i think of laying down on the floor of cabin 69, i think of ben howard playing softly from pixel’s iPod. we never turned it off; it actually played every kingdom non-stop for an entire summer, and that was totally fine. 

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