1. teenspinach:

    Emergency Contraception Blues by Bombay Bicycle Club


  2. Stornoway | Zorbing

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  4. businessbat:

    A Little Longing Goes Away - The Books


  5. thatonesongimh:

    Tallest Man on Earth - The Wild Hunt


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  7. feelinglikeacriminal:

    Don Mclean || Vincent

    They would not listen, they did not know how,
    Perhaps they’ll listen now.


  8. Anonymous asked: WOW! This blog is such a contrast to your art blog (like the theme and everything)! In a perfectly nice way of course... What exactly about obscure indie music do you like? You got me into it!

    hm! well, i dunno if it’s a case of me liking “obscure indie music” necessarily… i mostly just get drawn to songs and go from there. sometimes its a lyric-based attraction, sometimes its the song’s composition. i like stuff that stirs me. and i like stuff to jump around to!


  9. thedailytwerk:

    What If - Bombay Bicycle Club


  10. sadmusicforsadbastards:

    "But now days go by
    And I never needed you

    We were just wasting time…”